Season 2, Episode 1

Small but Mighty

In the debut episode of season two, hosts Phil Buchanan and Grace Nicolette talk with Cathy Moore, executive director of Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS) in Houston, TX. Tune in as Moore discusses her experience working on the frontlines during both Hurricane Harvey and the COVID-19 pandemic, how she believes donors can best step up in a time of crisis, and how to think about the tension between giving to meet immediate needs and addressing an issue’s root causes.

Guest Info:
Cathy Moore has served as the executive director of Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS) since 2016. Previously, she was a consultant for the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston and served in several leadership positions focused on fundraising and financial operations at various faith-based nonprofits and medical centers. She sits on the boards of Alliance Community Assistance Ministries, Inc. and Texas Executive Women.

Executive Producer: Sarah Martin
Audio engineer: Kevin O’Connell
Additional editing: Isabel Hibbard
Music: “FasterFasterBrighter” and “Kid Kodi” by Blue Dot Sessions
Artwork: Jay Kustka

Giving Done Right: Effective Philanthropy and Making Every Dollar Count by Phil Buchanan