Season 2, Episode 9

Climate Change and Racial Justice

In the penultimate episode of Giving Done Right season two, CEP’s Phil and Grace talk with Gloria Walton, president and CEO of The Solutions Project. Gloria focuses on the intersection of climate change and racial justice, the value of grassroots organizing and advocacy in moving an issue forward, and what it will take to move philanthropy toward truly transformative grantmaking.

Guest Info:
Described as one of the country’s most exciting “next generation” political leaders, Gloria Walton is an award-winning organizer, writer, and president & CEO of The Solutions Project. She joined the organization from Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE), a South LA-based community organization developing cutting-edge strategies to ensure that Black and Brown, poor and working-class communities have an equal voice in the democratic process, where she was President & CEO for 10 years. Under Gloria’s leadership, SCOPE played a pivotal role in several significant ballot measures and policy campaigns that increased community decision-making and ensured equitable investment in green jobs, climate solutions, and critical public services.

In her first few months with The Solutions Project, Gloria negotiated a $43 million unrestricted grant from the Bezos Earth Fund, gave a TIME100 talk alongside co-founder Mark Ruffalo, and was named “New President to Watch” and one of the “100 Power Players in Philanthropy” by Inside Philanthropy. She also helped launch the first-ever Women’s Climate Week and first-ever Black Climate Week.

In addition to her leadership and community organizing work, Gloria is also a writer, commentator, and public speaker. Her work and words have appeared at The Nation, Huffington Post, The Center for American Progress, The Hill and others, writing about topics ranging from environmental racism and clean energy jobs, to voter engagement and racial justice.

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