Season 3, Episode 3

Radical Generosity with April Tam Smith

Philanthropist and restaurateur April Tam Smith joins Grace Nicolette on the Giving Done Right podcast to discuss her unique approach to giving, balancing philanthropic pursuits with a career in finance, and finding both purpose and friendship – as well as retaining humility – as a donor. April and her husband have taken a radically generous approach to giving; in specific chapters of their lives, they’ve done a “reverse tithe,” contributing up to 90 percent of their income to charitable causes. She discusses her philanthropic journey as well as running a nonprofit vegan restaurant in the heart of Times Square in New York City.

Guest Info:
April Tam Smith is a Managing Director at a top tier investment bank on the Equity Derivatives team in Sales & Trading, based in New York. In her life outside of the office, April spends time in Haiti serving at orphanages and social businesses. She also works locally with the vulnerable in New York City including victims of trafficking and those previously incarcerated. April’s goal is to connect her two lives to organically create a ripple effect allowing more people to be involved in creating jobs for the poor. She strongly believes in giving people a hand up over a hand out and has experienced the joy of seeing those benefiting from meaningful work.

This belief led her to opening P.S. Kitchen, a social enterprise that uses 100 percent of its net profits to fund justice work while hiring those in need of a second chance. The restaurant was the recipient of the 2018 Social Enterprise Leadership award from Columbia University’s Tamer Center for Social Enterprise.

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